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Periodontal Care, Dental Implants, Oral Medicine

Richard R. Gartner, D.D.S, M.S.

John E. Duckworth, D.M.D., M.Med.Sc.


Chesapeake Periodontics is a specialty dental practice dedicated to improving the function, appearance and comfort of our patients' mouths.  We work with your dentist to replace missing teeth, repair receding gums and eliminate gum disease.

As you see a cardiologist for heart problems, you see a periodontist for dental implants and gum problems.

When you lose a tooth, have loose or uncomfortable teeth, have sore or bleeding gums, or your gums recede, life is more challenging.  If your quality of life is compromised because you can't enjoy eating or your mouth is uncomfortable, replacing the missing teeth with dental implants, tightening loose teeth and repairing receded, sore or bleeding gums can bring confidence and comfort to your life. 

Please use this website to learn more about Dr. Gartner and Dr. Duckworth and what they can do to improve your smile and your overall health.

Chesapeake Periodontics
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